Christmastime is here again...
And it's time for my THIRD ANNUAL (whoooah) Christmas card. Want to get in on some of this classy action (the theme for this year's card is sophistication and many leather-bound books)?

(NOTE: This is not the card. But it does express a similar amount of classiness.)


I have made the comments all secret so you won't end up with any stalkers, I promise.

Also, when the fuck did December happen? Somebody show me where those two missing weeks of November disappeared to, pretty please.

Arcade Fire = Delicious

Last night was the AF show on Centre Island (well, Olympic Island if you wanna get all detailed) and man - it was one of the best concerts I've been to for sure. To add to the gleeful stage show that AF put on for us, a certain fabulous lady named Janelle Monaé opened (as did The Sadies, but they sadly didn't capture me as well this time around). She came out on stage and won over the entire audience with her massive voice and stellar dance moves and unflappable confidence - unlike most opening bands, who FEEL like openers, Janelle took to the stage as if the thousands of people in the crowd were there for her, and the people responded to that energy, clapping and dancing and whooping every time her vocal acrobatics ascended to a new level of awesomeness.

For a taste of Janelle's music, click here (sorry, won't let me embed).

After Janelle's set, the wait for Arcade Fire was torture (it didn't help that the humidity was essentially dripping from the air, leaving the tightly-packed crowd all sweaty and disgusting). They mercifully took to the stage on schedule and their energy blasted from the stage from the first song all the way through to the final song of the encore (Wake Up. YES). The highlights were as follows:

a) Finding out how very tall Winn Butler is. The man has to be at least 6'5".

b) Hearing Intervention, which was on my list of 'songs I'd most like them to play'.

c) The glee that emanated from every member (it's easy to tell how much they all love being on stage), particularly one of the drummer-dudes, who hit tambourines and snare drums with fierce joy (and, near the end of the show, hit a snare so hard he knocked himself to the ground and continued the drumming from there).

Damn, what a night!

(I'm not even going to get into how horrible the ferry back was - I suppose that's the one downside of concerts on the island - you have to get everyone on the ferry at the end of the night.)

ArtBlog Rises Again!
Along with the advent of my proper website, I've gotten my ass in gear and completely revamped my former ArtBlog - gasp in amazement as it twitches, sits up on the table and slides the sheet off its torso to reveal...


So yes. Be sure to pop by there every so often (especially in the next few months), as that's where I'll be posting all my art-news/amusing sketches/updates on the new show. THE THRILL.

Although I'll probably toss stuff on here too, just to stop it from becoming completely irrelevant/all emotions all the time.

Click on image to visit blog! Go, look, enjoy (please?)!

I Feel So Fancy
I'm on the Worn Fashion Journal website - they're even Crushing on Me!


Soul Touching Tunes
I had one of those moments last night, the kind where my love for this city (and particularly my new neighbourhood) filled up my heart and vibrated the air around me. It happened as I sat on the school-tile floor of the basement of the Drake Hotel, surrounded by some of the most beautiful tunes I've heard live.

The band was The Wilderness of Manitoba, (click to listen and love) and their music, with its cello and banjo and ukulele and samples of birdsong honestly spoke to my soul. Last time this happened was when I went to see Evening Hymns and Bruce Peninsula, this feeling I'd only had at a few previous concerts, where the air became somehow thicker, the strains of all the instruments and the many voices singing at once almost visible and wrapping around me, causing my skin to goosebump and making me shiver with joy.

I seem to have a real thing for bands with more than one vocalist, who sing in unison and create gorgeous, layered, folky mountain-treeroot-darkearth songs with pulses so vivid they almost have a life of their own. Sitting there in the Drake's basement, with its 70s-prom vibe and spinning disco ball, I let the notes cascade over me and through me and in those moments I was perfectly content.

Sigh. So wonderful.

The Wilderness of Manitoba was actually the opener and it was one of those rare times when, while I definitely enjoyed the main band (Horsefeathers, from Portland), it was the opening band who really struck me with their brilliance. All in all it was an evening of glorious music and being able to walk home afterwards was just the icing on the tasty tune cake. Also, I am now in love with the basement of the Drake - lovely little venue, and the fact they let us get all cosy on the floor was awesome. Made the show seem a bit warmer, somehow.

In conclusion, check out all three bands I've linked to above, for they are fantastic and will make you want to run through the forest while singing at the top of your lungs (I promise).

Ahhh...the sun came back, and with it my joie de vivre. Thank goodness. There is a brave clump of daffodils and a few stands of crocuses already blooming outside my building, and the return of the warmth has cleared all the gloomy cobwebs from my brainpan.

I just remembered I promised to post that song I wrote, so here it is:

Ballad of the Dead Pigeon from Jessica Bartram on Vimeo.

Poor pigeons - you just walk hand in hand with tragedy, don't ya?

Animation from the USSR
freaking myself out

Whoah. Just WHOAH.
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Holy Shit Artblog Update!
Love Fish
Damn, it's been a while (6ish months). I'm apparently not good at blogging my art? I finally got around to posting the pieces that were in my show (well, most of them).

Wanna see?

Here are the rich folk...

...and here are some members of the gritty London street-rabble.

I look forward to my Christmas quasi-holidays (office is closed but I have to check email and messages and things), which will hopefully give me the time to do some proper art!
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X to the Mas
let us be friends

How the hell is it the middle of November already? Did some evil genius create some dastardly machine (whilst twirling his moustache rogueishly) that caused time to accelerate?? I MUST KNOW.

Whatever the case, it seems that it's now the season for thinking about CHRISTMAS CARDS again. I had fun with the ones I did last year, and so have decided to once again place an open call for your addresses. If you'd like one of my crazy animals to appear at your door sometime in December, please tell me. I promise it won't eat you (at least I think it won't).

Cards may be less monkeyish than they appear here.

I've made the comments all fancy so other people can't see the information, so you don't even have to worry about stalkers (myself not included, of course. But don't worry - I'm a very gentle creeper).



Addresses = Christmas cards! Whee!

(Damn I should go to bed now.)

NYC Day 1-3
Dearie me! It seems I've been so very busy with concert-going and sightseeing that I haven't had a moment to sit down and write. I plan to remedy that tonight, but I warn you, this'll be a long one. Subjects to be covered include: Central Park, New York Public Library, Decemberists concert, Coney Island, New York Aquarium, Brooklyn AND MORE.

Read on if you dare...Collapse )

Whew. What a lot of things to have done in three days! No wonder I'm exhausted, eh? There will be more to come in the next three days, so stay tuned for ADVENTURE IN NYC: THE JESSICA STORY, DAY IV.


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