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X to the Mas
let us be friends

How the hell is it the middle of November already? Did some evil genius create some dastardly machine (whilst twirling his moustache rogueishly) that caused time to accelerate?? I MUST KNOW.

Whatever the case, it seems that it's now the season for thinking about CHRISTMAS CARDS again. I had fun with the ones I did last year, and so have decided to once again place an open call for your addresses. If you'd like one of my crazy animals to appear at your door sometime in December, please tell me. I promise it won't eat you (at least I think it won't).

Cards may be less monkeyish than they appear here.

I've made the comments all fancy so other people can't see the information, so you don't even have to worry about stalkers (myself not included, of course. But don't worry - I'm a very gentle creeper).



Addresses = Christmas cards! Whee!

(Damn I should go to bed now.)


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