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Arcade Fire = Delicious

Last night was the AF show on Centre Island (well, Olympic Island if you wanna get all detailed) and man - it was one of the best concerts I've been to for sure. To add to the gleeful stage show that AF put on for us, a certain fabulous lady named Janelle Monaé opened (as did The Sadies, but they sadly didn't capture me as well this time around). She came out on stage and won over the entire audience with her massive voice and stellar dance moves and unflappable confidence - unlike most opening bands, who FEEL like openers, Janelle took to the stage as if the thousands of people in the crowd were there for her, and the people responded to that energy, clapping and dancing and whooping every time her vocal acrobatics ascended to a new level of awesomeness.

For a taste of Janelle's music, click here (sorry, won't let me embed).

After Janelle's set, the wait for Arcade Fire was torture (it didn't help that the humidity was essentially dripping from the air, leaving the tightly-packed crowd all sweaty and disgusting). They mercifully took to the stage on schedule and their energy blasted from the stage from the first song all the way through to the final song of the encore (Wake Up. YES). The highlights were as follows:

a) Finding out how very tall Winn Butler is. The man has to be at least 6'5".

b) Hearing Intervention, which was on my list of 'songs I'd most like them to play'.

c) The glee that emanated from every member (it's easy to tell how much they all love being on stage), particularly one of the drummer-dudes, who hit tambourines and snare drums with fierce joy (and, near the end of the show, hit a snare so hard he knocked himself to the ground and continued the drumming from there).

Damn, what a night!

(I'm not even going to get into how horrible the ferry back was - I suppose that's the one downside of concerts on the island - you have to get everyone on the ferry at the end of the night.)


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